A Post Covid-19 Future

By Andrew

For those of us that are self-employed, this can be a difficult time to focus on marketing and the future. The Covid-19 crisis is understandably consuming a lot of bandwidth for us and our clients and customers, but we do need to focus on what happens when it has subsided.

Think about what you need to do differently and how you can be ready to help your client base, when the time comes.

For me it will be about helping people let go of the old and unhelpful mental models (the world is not going back to January 2020) then helping clients and organisations focus on:

  • Individual and organisational survival and resilience
  • Laser focus on delivering the basics in the short term
  • Identifying the new Key Priorities for the medium term (which will be very different from those they had prior to the crisis)
  • Creating a thriving, sustainable future going forward.

(originally posted on Linkedin)