March 2020 Breakout Event - Ruth Hughes Confirmed as a Speaker

By Andrew

Our first confirmed speaker for our 2020 Breakout Event is Ruth Hughes (

Ruth is a coach, educator, consultant, and professional speaker in the fields of coaching psychology, positive psychology, positive education, culture shock and international student wellbeing.

Her talk will be "Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment for Optimum Learning"

Delegates will be invited to consider cultural context and the learning journey in the context of principles of inclusion, diversity and wellbeing. They will be encouraged to evaluate their unique personal setting, embedding principles of positive psychology when creating an action plan. Delegates will expand their theoretical understanding of cultural transition and the change process within different settings, using the perspective tools of Lewin/Bridges models, together with culture shock theories. In better understanding that each individual engages with the world differently, and each experience is shaped by the value-based map we have each unconsciously drawn to help us interpret the world, delegates will be encouraged to see the focus of the learning journey from the participant’s perspective, improving psychological awareness, flexibility and wellbeing.

Tickets can be purchased here