Speakers Confirmed for Neurodiversity and Mental Health in Positive Psychology Seminar

By Andrew

We are delighted to announce the full list of speakers for our seminar in March 2020. Tickets can be purchased here:


Our first speaker is Ruth Hughes ( Website / LinkedIn ) who is a coach, educator, consultant and professional speaker in the fields of coaching psychology, positive psychology, positive education, culture shock and international student wellbeing.
Her talk will be "Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment for Optimum Learning"

Our second speaker is Theresa Quinn ( Website / LinkedIn ) who combines Lego, Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry to enable organisations and individuals to embrace change and build a positive culture shift to innovative growth.
Her talk will be "More than just a tool? Exploring the use of Lego within a Positive Psychology framework in individual coaching for neuro-typical and neuro-diverse coachees."

Our third speaker is David Rawcliffe (LinkedIn). He is a senior lecturer in mental health nursing at Bucks New University, working in areas of mental health, auto-ethnography and autism.
His talk will be on “Using PPIs within mental health problems, and how applying PP changes the environment and positively affects the individual.”