Andrew Foster

Andrew is an expert in relational executive coaching, team facilitation and leadership development.

Relational Executive Coaching

Andrew builds strong and safe relationships with his coaching clients. This helps them explore their needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes. His relational coaching approach allows individuals to achieve personal and professional change.

Team Facilitation

Andrew works with team members to help them think effectively and make meaningful contributions to their group. He achieves this by creating an environment where team members feel their participation is valued and that there will be shared responsibility for any agree outcomes.

Leadership and Organisational Development

Andrew works with leaders and their teams to allow them to explore their own contribution to an organisation and how they can work more effectively as individuals and as a team.

Experience and Qualifications

Andrew has over a decade of management consultancy and coaching experience. He works with organisations, executives, entrepreneurs and private clients. He trained with Ashridge Consulting and has an MSc in Executive Coaching. He is also an Ashridge Accredited Coach.

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